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Strategic Partner/Advisor: Multi-Lingual, C-Suite, International Business, Finance and Corporate Management


David Joll is a strategic partner of CivTek International. He's an experienced c-suite executive with a lifetime of success in international business development, finance and corporate management. A talented linguist, David is fluent in Spanish, French, Portuguese, German and Italian in addition to his native English. 



David Joll is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of Sargasso Capital Limited, a Bermuda-based financial services, corporate consultancy and international business development company. Sargasso delivers capital introduction, corporate finance, deployment/project finance and a range of corporate structuring, administration and business development services primarily to late-development and deployment stage sustainable technology enterprises.


Education & Early Career

A British citizen, David Joll was born and educated in Hampshire, England, before earning a Masters Degree in Law (with honours) from the University of Cambridge (1976).


He spent the first ten years (1977-1987) of his career as an international corporate banker with the Lloyds Bank group in Spain, London and Brazil. Primarily a business development executive, he originated, analysed and managed relationships with leading domestic and foreign companies, with an emphasis on trade finance, project finance and syndicated lending. Accounts for which he was responsible included Blue Circle Industries, Ladbroke, Pilkington and Sir Alfred McAlpine in the UK and Shell, BP Minerals and Castrol in Brazil.


Just before the Crash of ’87 he joined fast-growing British fund management company, GT Management (later LGT Asset Management), where he was country head, first in Luxembourg and then in Switzerland (both start-ups), before becoming Managing Director of LGT’s fund distribution activities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (1987-1997). Despite some difficult market conditions, notably in 1988 and 1994/5, he raised over US$750m (largely for emerging markets, “new industries” and small company funds) and was GT’s biggest producer of investor capital in Europe five years running. Clients were mainly financial institutions and wealth management firms, the largest being Baloise Insurance (Switzerland) and Kredietbank Luxembourg.



In late 1997, he set up his own third-party fund marketing business, Bastide Investment Group, building on his extensive European client base and knowledge of investing in emerging markets, technologies and companies, before venturing into emerging hedge fund strategies and private equity. Early clients included ARN Investment Partners in Singapore for whose funds he raised around US$100m., principally in Switzerland. He was particularly successful during 2003-2007 introducing some US$400m of non-US investor monies to Airlie Opportunities Fund, a small-cap bond fund managed by Airlie Group in Greenwich, CT. Major investors included Lombard Odier Darier Hentsch (Geneva), BAe Systems Pension Fund and Global Asset Management (London) and Hedging Griffo (São Paulo).


Following the global financial crisis of 2007-2009 and protracted collapse of confidence in hedge fund strategies, Mr Joll rebranded his business, founding Sargasso International Limited in 2010 and Sargasso Capital Limited in 2012. He adapted his business model away from funds and towards seeking out and helping disruptive clean tech companies that could deliver major positive impacts throughout the world, but especially in island communities and emerging markets.


He has advised extensively EPS Holdings Ltd, a Bermuda-based company that is developing best-in-class 1MW+ biomass and multi-fuel turbine engines for the distributed primary energy sector; a Maine-based company that will produce wood pellets from forest waste biomass to mix with or replace natural coal and so reduce emissions from coal-fired power plants or for use in stand-alone biomass-powered plants; a Mexican company with a patented technology to produce bio-fuels from microalgae; and a US company with patented technologies and processes to convert CO2 and CO emissions from coal-fired power plants and cement plants into synthetic gas and synthetic crude.


Mr Joll is a former director of Graphitene International Limited, a Bermuda-based advanced nano-materials (graphene and graphene oxide) company he co-founded with manufacturing facilities in England.


Mr Joll is currently engaged in developing a commercial-scale urban farm in Bermuda using aeroponics technology with a view to eliminating the need to import up to two dozen major lines of produce currently not grown (other than sporadically) on island. He aims to integrate the growing systems with sustainable water and energy supplies and then export the model to other island communities in the Caribbean and globally.


Personal Information

A natural and experienced business developer Mr Joll has successfully built numerous businesses from scratch in multi-cultural and multi-lingual environments. Creative and resilient he has a proven ability to adapt his business model quickly in anticipation of, or in response to, major changes in market forces. A talented linguist, he is fluent in Spanish, French, Portuguese, German and Italian in addition to his native English.


He has played numerous sports competitively including football (soccer), rugby, cricket, rowing, athletics, and skiing. Apart from sports his main interests are politics, international relations, the environment, art, photography, travel and wine.


Since 2007 he has resided in Bermuda where he has volunteered his time to a number of causes including the annual World Rugby Classic, the Tall Ships Challenge and the Alternative Investment Managers Association. He is Deputy Chair of the Energy Coalition Bermuda, an association of professionals that seek to influence Bermuda’s energy generation future.



About Sargasso Capital

Sargasso’s strategic business model is based on identifying dynamic, relatively young companies with excellent, open-minded management and largely proven, transformational and highly scalable clean technologies – notably in the food, water and energy sectors - that have the potential to be truly impactful. As not even the smartest entrepreneurs have all the skills to build a great business, we look to nurture their companies’ growth by providing them at multiple stages of their development with the tools that complement, and allow them to focus on, their core capabilities. Where possible, we seek to integrate two or more technologies into projects so that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.


We believe that being integrally involved with our clients for the long term, not merely satisfying their immediate capital needs, enhances the probability of their meeting or exceeding their objectives. Sargasso begins by helping clients become investable. We work with owners and senior management to define their vision and refine their business model and business plan; we then advise them as to how best to structure, present and finance their business in light of their long term objectives and in accordance with proper corporate governance principles. We source, directly or with associates abroad, capital for different stages of our clients’ evolution. We look to play a lead role in devising and implementing their international business development strategy, landing their business in different jurisdictions and structuring and sourcing funding according to their needs at each stage.



Bermuda, 31 July 2017

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