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About CivTek International

Current Portfolio of Development Projects (Estimated $100 Billion in CapX)

Design, Construction, and Operations of:
• 43,000 Km national roadway and toll system
• 200,000 bpd oil refinery
• 200 mmscfd LNG plant

• Oil & LNG deep water port
• Bulk cargo deep water port
• Container shipping deep water port

• National water system
• Complete renovation and revitalization of a national capital
• Bauxite mining

• Iron mining
• Lithium mining
• Railroads

• HydroElectric Projects and Earth Dams 

• Aviation (Airports)
• Aviation (Airline / Flight Operations)

• Entertainment
• Tourism


CivTek International, is an Infrastructure Solutions, Program Management and Multi-Disciplined Life-Cycle Integrator. CivTek focuses on core industries and infrastructure fundamental to the economic and physical health and well being of all societies: energy, water, air, agriculture, transportation, waste management, telecommunications, internet, and ancillary technologies necessary to more efficiently deliver and operate these industries in an environmentally friendly, safe and profitable manner.

CivTek International provides expert assessment, advice, guidance, opinion, contracting, construction support, program management and design services to leaders in government, industry and the legal community.  

CivTek International addresses major  challenges in complex cultural settings, environmental, economic, legislative or forensic consequence in programs and projects relating to capital infrastructure in transportation, green sustainable environmental solutions, energy, oil & gas, and industrial facilities.

Our core competency is the depth and breadth of forging global stakeholder relationships essential to world class project delivery.

CivTek International is a world class global enterprise ethically and profitably engaged in delivery of infrastructure. We forge strategic and operational relationships that result in strong market positioning. We continuously and profoundly innovate in all areas; technology, delivery systems, and client cost/benefit outcomes. We are a learning organization that adapts, inculcates and leverages breadth of relationships, technology and experience resulting in profitable client solutions. 


High Functioning

CivTek International leaders possess strategic vision, the right team, and industry relationships to build high value domestic and international construction, program management, engineering, and advisory services. We work directly with top level decision makers who have the authority to make strategic decisions and commit resources to improvement initiatives.


People Who Seek Our Services

  • Leadership of Domestic and International Industry

  • CEO's and Corporate Leadership

  • Banks, Financial Institutions and Investors

  • Risk Management and Insurance Industry Leaders

  • Attorneys

  • Legislators

  • Heads of State

  • Heads of Departments and Ministries

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