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CivTekExec (Charter Executive Aviation)



CivTekExec is the Executive Aviation branch of CivTek International.  The company has strong market position in Charter, Leasing, and Management of executive aircraft.  The company is in a unique position to capitalize on this market due to the industry expertise of executive management, and strong strategic relationships.

CivTekExec offers the highest level of service for executive aviation needs.  The unique multi-based business model, allows the company to outperform competitors in the market.


The Company

CivTek International is incorporated in the state of Nevada. Our Chief pilot and management have extensive experience in executive aircraft charter sales, marketing, management and operations.  They have highest industry standards as pilots, hold FAA Chief Pilot and Director of Operations positions, as well as past experience in U.S. Navy Carrier Operations, global airlift/logistics operations, and Director of Flight Standards for leading companies in the executive aviation market.


CivTekExec is a market powerhouse in the heavy jet charter market.  Currently managing and chartering  Gulfstream, Airbus, and Boeing aircraft, we have proven methodologies that work.

CivTekExec is a full-service aviation company, providing aircraft charters, maintenance, sales and management.

Unlike other charter companies who work from a single fixed home base, CivTekExec Elite Aviation, through its industry partnerships, stations aircraft around the globe, including Los Angeles, Fort Lauderdale, New York, London, Moscow, Paris, Hong Kong and Shanghai. With these multi-based operations, we are able to offer service to worldwide destinations. CivTekExec provides unparalleled extras: safety and comfort is the number one concern, and the pilots are rigorously trained and routinely updated. In addition to gourmet catering CivTekExec offers a selection of the finest foods available.


Products and Services

CivTekExec offers executive air travel at the highest possible levels of safety, service and value.  The company offers luxurious aircraft to customers, with unparalleled service.  Due to the multi-base fleet, the company offers more options and flexibility to our customers.


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