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CivTek International CEO, Thomas Young, PE Speaks at CERI 2012 OIL CONFERENCE

  *Look for upcoming September, 2012 interview in JuneWarren-Nickles, "New Technology" magazine.

  CERI Oil Conference

Quote From - *JuneWarren-Nickles

 "The Canadian Energy Research Institute (CERI) organizes a number of major conferences each year. Over the years, CERI's conferences have come to be highly regarded with themes that address the most topical issues of our time. Guest speakers represent a list of "who's who" in their respective fields of expertise. Presentations provide the latest prognosis of industry trends and developments that are leading-edge and at the same time thought provoking. Delegates are senior representatives from industry and government in Canada, the United States and from overseas.
Keep abreast of developments and discuss current and future directions at leading sector events. Enjoy excellent professional networking opportunities and the best intelligence to date on essential issues."


JuneWarren-Nickle’s Energy Group is Canada’s oldest and most recognized energy publishing house. Providing authoritative print and online publications, data sets, maps, charts and directories, we are the Canadian leaders in oil and gas and construction publishing.





Sustainable Transpotation Solutions, “STS”) is an enhanced set of patented and intellectually protected transportation technologies that incrementally improve upon existing state of  art. In combination, these incremental enhancements deliver powerful economic vitality by creating logistics access to natural resources (oil & gas pipelines, bulk transport for mining industry) and by creating safe passenger service that otherwise are not economically viable. Our independent engineering assessments show that up to 50% cost savings over existing rail or roadway transportation strategies is achievable.

First Nation Concerns: Not only does STS deliver superior economy (“Value Engineering”), STS also significantly enhances environmental performance by not building road beds and costly earthworks that cause horrendous scars upon the land, demand costly culverts and drainage, and create hazardous traffic conflicts within the urban setting or dangers to wild life in rural settings. Because these systems were originally designed for remote arctic conditions, STS safely operates 365 days each year in all types of weather.

Sustainable Rail is characterized by high strength, rigidity, low material consumption and a wide range of operating temperatures ranging from -94- degrees F. (-70°C) to + 212-degrees F (100°C). Optimized design of rolling stock is made possible by the availability of compact power units and advances in information technology enabling automation of complex logistics.

Key Benefits

  • Ease and speed of construction and maintenance with 50 year life

  • Easily crosses urban obstacles, mountains, rivers, marshes, and permafrost

  • 365 days per year all weather operation

  • Up to 50% cost savings over existing strategies

  • Very little to no earthwork except placement of support columns

  • Alaskan Pipeline proven approach to building over permafrost, columns with thermo-siphons to maintain frozen stable ground

  • Safety

  • Build harbors where otherwise not feasible

  • Vastly superior environmental performance

  • Superior seismic and high wind performance

  • Visible above ground components (not including below ground foundation and piles driven to support the columns) may be removed. This is not possible for conventional roads or rail. 



    SPEAKER's BIOGRAPHY: Thomas Young, PE
    CEO, CivTek International

    Mr. Young is a seasoned infrastructure expert with 30 years experience in high risk / high reward projects bringing innovation across project delivery methodologies, partnering relationships, and civil infrastructure technologies.

    Mr. Young excels in leadership gained from a breadth of experience in business, engineering, construction, and global aviation operations. His technical acumen spans proven competencies in business development and sales, business operations, logistics, construction management, design, and design/build projects, land surveying and mapping. He brings the knowledge and skills required to implement all phases of cradle to grave turn-key delivery of major infrastructure projects such as energy, mining, transportation (rail, highways, airports), commercial and residential land development. His geographic project history spans congested built urban environments, cross-country linear projects through vast rural regions, Arctic facilities, tropics, and desert regions.

    Mr. Young's extensive experience includes business consulting, expert witnessing for attorneys in forensic matters, logistics and worldwide mobilization, bridge engineer, highway engineer, bridge construction manager, transportation engineer with specialties in rail, bridge, highway, drainage, construction and construction support. He is a skilled integrator of the parameters of program and project life cycle and knowledgeable of regulatory compliance and environmental processes.

    A persuasive communicator skilled at negotiating successful outcomes to complex cultural and business situations, programs, and projects, Mr. Young and his CivTek International team offer you their expertise in infrastructure, engineering, construction, program management, design- build, multi-disciplined life-cycle integration, real estate development, business analysis and solutions, revenue generation, and strategic partnering in the public and private sectors.

    Licensed as a professional civil engineer in the states of Alaska and California, Mr. Young holds a B.S. degree in civil engineering from California State University-Sacramento. 


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