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Experience of Key CivTek Leaders

Rail, Bridges, Tunnels, Highway, General Infrastructure

Quality Assurance/ Quality Control (QA/QC)

Land Development Projects……………………Pages 49-112



The following is a sampling of transportation, railroad, bridge, highway, and land development projects that CivTek's principals have delivered throughout their careers. Please allow a few moments for the large content page to load.


Throughout their combined careers, CivTek’s leadership team members have collectively completed thousands of projects, including, thousands of miles of rail, hundreds of bridges and urban transportation rail and highway viaducts, tunnels, structure designs, seismic earthquake retrofits, and special studies, including large cut and cover tunnels and numerous other complex structures.  CivTek also brings extensive logistics, operations and planning experience in all modalities of transportation to include: trucking, rail, and trans-oceanic shipping. For Land Development projects, CivTek’s private real estate equity management and development house focuses on acquisition, development, and value add.

CivTek’s hand-selected cadre of principal experts offer proven track records, collectively more than 4500 person-years of multi-disciplined experience. This corps group of experts, bring you a scalable project delivery team with a direct network of well over 15,000 professionals ready to engage as your project’s work packages move from feasibility to design, construction, and operations. This collective experience represents several hundred billion dollars of completed infrastructure projects.  The following narrative represents highlights of our team’s relevant collective experience transportation infrastructure.

CivTek provides project management, engineering, contractor services, program and corporate leadership for project development, design, construction and operations. Our team has extensive experience on large mega-sized transportation projects that include rail, highways and roads, bridges, public infrastructure and private developments.  CivTek leads multi-disciplinary teams to design and construct complex urban transportation projects including major rail programs, bridge structures, complex multi-modal interchange designs, corridor planning studies, project reports, and capital maintenance projects. 

We have extensive knowledge and experience in all phases of project delivery from feasibility studies, engineering, construction, operations, and capital maintenance.  CivTek’s personnel wield a strong history of Risk Management, Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC) experience during all project phases. 



During construction phase, CivTek has an experienced team of inspectors ready to ensure QA on a global basis for all materials incorporated into your project.


Major Project and Rail Road Corporate Leadership Experience of CivTek Team Available and Relevant to Your Project Include:

CivTek personnel understand the challenges of mega projects and stand ready to deliver all professional services, construction, maintenance and operations.






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