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Strategic Alliances


Reasons to Form a Relationship with CivTek



Internal Reasons:

• Build on each Partner's strengths

• Spreading costs and risks of business


• Improving access to markets, technical

capabilities, and financial resources

• Economies of scale and advantages of size.

• Access to new technologies and customers

• Access to innovative managerial practices


Competitive goals:

• Influencing structural evolution of the


• Pre-empting competition

• Defensive response to blurring industry


• Creation of stronger competitive units

• Speed to market

• Improved agility



Strategic goals:

• Synergies and market share

• Transfer of technology/skills

• Diversification

• Create new employment opportunities for

large numbers of people

• Create new and innovative paradigms and

solutions that lead the marketplace

• Employ CivTek Triple-Bottom-Line

(TBL) on all endeavors. TBL engages

stakeholders to achieve greater success.

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