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Dr. Vijay Singh, Board of Advisors


Texas A & M University

Caroline and William N. Lehrer Distinguished Chair in Water

Engineering, Professor of Biological and Agricultural Engineering,

and Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering,

Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering


Professional Registration

P. E. State of Louisiana, since January l988; State of Colorado, since May, l973.

P. H. American Institute of Hydrology, since January, l984.

Hon. D. WRE American Academy of Water Resources Engineers, ASCE, since October 2005;

Hon. D. WRE, since October 2008

Professional Specialty and Interest

Surface-water Hydrology, Groundwater Hydrology, Hydraulics, Irrigation Engineering,

Environmental Quality and Water Resources.

Research Areas

Principal research topics have encompassed: 1. Hydrodynamics of Watershed Runoff, 2.

Hydrodynamics of Surface Irrigation (Flow over Porous Beds), 3. Erosion and Sediment

Transport in Upland Watersheds, 4. Point- and Nonpoint-Source Water Quality Modeling,

5. Environmental Management, 6. Hydrology of Ungaged Watersheds, 7. Streamflow

Forecasting, 8. Areal Rainfall, 9. Dam Break Analysis, 10. Parameter Estimation, l1. Stochastic

Analysis, l2. Entropy-Based Modeling, l3. Network Design, l4. Landfill Hydrology, 15.

Saltwater Intrusion, l6. Groundwater Modeling, 17. Hydrologic Impacts of Climate Change, 18.

Watershed Modeling, 19. Ecosystems Management, and 20. Social Engineering.

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