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Patrick Armijo, PE & P.Eng., Director of Traffic Engineering


Professional Engineer with experience in highway design and construction working for a state department of transportation. Experienced in municipal infrastructure management,traffic signal operations, railway crossing signal operations, community lighting, budgeting, and human resources.

Employment History: 

Manager: Traffic Signals, Community Lighting and, Railway Crossing Signals


CivTek International, March 2013 to Present

Mr. Armijo joined our staff full time in March of 2013 to head up our expanding traffic engineering division.


Special Advisor to CivTek, July 2001 to March 2013

Mr. Armijo has been a special consultant and advisor on traffic engineering matters since July of 2001.


City of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada: August, 2010 To March 2013

Provide leadership, guidance and direction to the traffic signals group including contractors and consultants. Responsibilities include overseeing design, construction, operations and maintenance of traffic signal control systems and intelligent transportation systems. Responsibilities also include: railroad crossing signal maintenance and operations on the City owned industrial railway; community lighting and street lighting (budget, design approvals and rehabilitation); developing policies, standards and guidelines for traffic control systems; human resource management; and budget/financial management.

  • Development of LED street light design standards and LED installation project
  • Formed a railway crossing maintenance and operations group
  • Implemented traffic signal system upgrades and signal coordination projects
  • IMSA Jobsite Safety Certification and Review Program Technical Advisory Committee Member. The Committee develops IMSA training course work and certification materials.


Transportation Engineer III: Traffic Signal Operations Engineer

Washington State Department of Transportation, NW Region, Seattle, WA: August, 1993 to August, 2010


Management and operation of traffic signal systems.  Provide engineering support to electrical design teams, engineering consultants, and local agencies on issues relating to traffic signal design, roadway channelization, construction, and cooperative inter-agency traffic signal management. Preparation of traffic signal timing and signal coordination plans. Review traffic signal plans, ITS plans, highway channelization and construction plans to assure operational efficiency, safety, and conformance with state and federal standards.  Conduct traffic accident analysis for safety mitigation and litigation defense review. Develop bus transit system priority programming and determine railroad crossing clearance interval for railroad preemption traffic signal timing.


  • Participated in traffic operations planning and emergency management operations during the 2010 winter Olympics.
  • Traffic simulation and analysis software programs used include: SYNCHRO, SIM TRAFFIC, HCS, TEAPAC, TRANSYT 7F, CORSIM, and NETSIM.
  • Experience with NEMA, type 170, type 2070 and advanced traffic signal controllers, software, and hardware: Traconex/TnetJ, Econolite/ Aries, PEEK/TCT/LMD controllers, type 170/(Bitrans and WAPITI), 2070/(SEPAC,NEXTPHASE, MARCNX). ITS central system software programs: Siemens (ACTRA, I2TMS software), Econolite (Aries, ICONS software).
  • Experience with video detection systems: Autoscope, Trafficon, and ITERIS.
  • Participated in The Green River Valley Traffic Signal Coordination Group.
  • Participated in the development of the Bellingham ITS traffic signal management center.


Transportation Engineer I

Washington State Department of Transportation, NW Region, Seattle, WA: July 7, 1992 to August, 1993


Construction management of Interstate 90 and State Route 405. Reviewed and tracked submittals such as contract plans, bridge shop drawings and permits.  Projects included the Interstate 90 floating bridge and Interstate 405 pre-stressed concrete bridges. Designed reinforced concrete supports for a 30 - inch diameter water main that services the City of Seattle.  Performed structural inspections, computed earthwork quantities and prepared As-Built plans.


Drilling Fluids Engineer

Self Employed, Auburn, CA. - 1/84 to 12/90

PROFCO, Woodland, CA. - 1/83 to 1/84

Northern Mud Sales and Service Inc., Woodland, CA. - 2/81 to 1/83  

Dresser Industries: Magcobar Division, Sacramento, CA. - 3/80 to 2/81  


Designed chemical mixtures for use as a drilling fluid in petroleum and geothermal exploration.  Analyzed drilling fluid flow dynamics, calculated system hydraulics, and recommended parameters for drilling rate optimization.  Experience with stuck pipe, lost circulation, fishing, and blow out containment. Computed pressure control parameters during emergency blow out conditions and determined the hydrostatic head necessary for kill weight mud mix.  Performed chemical analysis of well bore fluid samples.  Provided cost estimates of the drilling fluids program for pre-project planning and budgeting.  Maintained rig site material inventory and invoices.  Managed accounts receivable and expense account log.






Professional Engineer: P.E. Washington State License Number 44201

Professional Engineer: P.Eng. Alberta, Canada, APEGA Member Number 126106

Private Pilot: Single Engine Land and Sea

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