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CivTek TBL Wrapped In the Golden Rule

What is "TBL"?   People/Planet/Profit

Triple Bottom Line, wrapped in the Golden Rule, is the glue, the magnet, the birthplace of inspiration that gels CivTek's stake holders, strategic partners, and society at large to our endeavors.   The purpose of our enterprise is not simply financial performance but to also deliver social and environmental benefits in all that we do.  TBL is built into the core, the soul, our thought processes and culture in everything we do. 

Simply put, TBL is the filter through which we evaluate people, technologies, and companies that desire to be a CivTek International Strategic Partner.  If you share these values, and your technology, knowledge, or know-how enhances these TBL values, then there is resonance and we can help you.

CivTek International's (TBL) - Triple-Bottom-Line adds consideration of environmental and social benefits and costs to traditional financial measures of performance.

CivTek International's (TBL) - Solutions enhance humanity and the environment on a global basis.

CivTek International's (TBL) is important to investors because it is the glue that profitably ties all stakeholders to support your projects, technology and investments.

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