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CivTek Value Proposition


Coach, Leader and Matchmaker that Monetizes Your Strengths, Capacities and Capabilities


 Single Point of Contact for:

  • Investors
  • Technology Firms
  • Governments, and Business Leaders
  • Forensic Needs: Attorneys, Insurance Companies and Risk Management Entities


What Does CivTek Do For You?


CivTek identifies, plans and develops profitable projects and investment opportunities

Technology Firms

CivTek streamlines your time to market by introducing you to investors and markets

Governmental & Business Leaders

CivTek TBL means all your constituents and stakeholders support your projects.  CivTek brings you integrated solutions that solve your most pressing needs.

Attorneys, Insurance Companies and Risk Management Entities

Our experts provide forensic services for complex matters. (see Capabilities/Forensic for areas of practice)


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