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CivTek International - Your Business Acceleration & Economic Growth Solution

News - CivTek Now Commencing Operations in Agriculture Import/Export. New website content is under construction and coming soon. 


CivTek International Principals have collectively delivered more than

$100 billion in cost of capital infrastructure (CAPX).



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CivTek changes lives.

We integrate culture, commerce, and education

to build cities, industries and economies to develop nations.


How do you envision your future?
Would you like to participate in the CivTek ecosystem of global business flow?
Would you like to learn how to build your legacy from proven leaders?

How To:

Generate New Profits - Improve Public Perceptions - Provide Benefits to Your People and to the Environment

Are you...

•  ... a Government Leader, a Chief Executive or a Minister of Government seeking economic development for your emerging markets?

•  ... an investor searching for new business opportunities?
•  ... an ongoing business or startup seeking financing or new markets and customers?

•  ... an individual consultant or power employee looking to maximize your career impact?
•  ... maximizing your profitability while delivering 21st Century social and environmental results?


  1. Would you like to enhance your knowledge, skills, and acumen of how to absolutely dominate new market opportunities?
  2. What if you could not only do that but also do so in record time with minimal risk?
  3. Is that something that interests you? Would you like to master the innovative and disruptive arts of CivTek's Business Acceleration System?
  4. Mastery of CivTek's Business Acceleration System will sky rocket your profits and make you a friend and recognized expert to all.

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Mission Statement


CivTek International Delivers 

  • the right people
  • with the right solution
  • at the right time


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CivTek Value Proposition


Coach, Leader and Matchmaker that Monetizes Your Strengths, Capacities and Capabilities


 Single Point of Contact for:

  • Investors
  • Technology Firms
  • Governments, and Business Leaders
  • Forensic Needs: Attorneys, Insurance Companies and Risk Management Entities

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CivTek Vision


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